How To

How to Add Your Listing to the Op Shop Directory

How long will it take? 5 minutes

Step One
Enter Your Name and Email

add name and address

Enter your Name and Email Address

Step Two
Enter Listing Details

add details

Enter your shop name, description and tags. Pick a category from the drop down and then add images. Your images should be 1400 wide and under 2mbs for best resolution on the directory. Make sure you’re on the right listing page (either add an op shop listing with maps or add an online shop – without maps). Don’t forget to press the “set address on map” button to add your listing to the map.

Step Three

press submit

Add your website url if you have one, your social media accounts and contact details. Then submit your listing for approval.


  • Your Op Shop Information


  • Internet Access
  • Computer

Materials: Photos Op Shop Information