Auckland’s 5 Best Op Shops 2022

Auckland’s 5 Best Op Shops 2022 – What a difference two years makes.

Over the last couple of years at least two of my favourite Op Shops have had a change of management and they’ve slipped off the Auckland 5 Best Op Shops list.

How could that be you ask? 

As much as a change of management doesn’t seem to impact general retail too much, often a change of management within an Op Shop can have quite a significant impact. You see relationships are built slowly over time within this industry and its often the Op Shop manager that facilitates these relationships. The manager is often the eyes, ears, heart and soul of the Op Shop.

You see …there’s some kind of magic that a good Op Shop manager weaves and thats really hard to replace.

I know covid-19 has been really hard on many organisations, but I implore NZ charities to look after their Op Shop managers a little better and give them thanks and/or recognition more often.

A good Op Shop manager is often an untrained social worker, volunteer liason, retail manager and superman/woman all in one. They take this constant juggle in their stride day to day and still manage a big smile when the next customer walks in.

there’s some kind of magic that a good op shop manager weaves …

That being said …here we go our top 5 Auckland Op Shops for 2022.

Congratulations to the teams behind each Op Shop, the managers and volunteers who worked really hard together to make these Auckland Op Shops great in 2022.

5 Best Auckland Op Shops 2022


So thats it my 5 Best Auckland Op Shops for 2022 list. These are my personal opinions of course and yours may differ. If you have any interest in writing a best op shops list for your local area please get in touch with our team.

Oh and please remember to review your favourite op shop on our website. If its not here message me and I’ll add it.

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